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10,014,561 issued for PS-2012-089: Systems, Methods and Devices for Health Monitoring of an Energy Storage Device
10,015,616 issued for IS-2014-026: Sparse Decomposition of Head Related Impulse Responses With Applications to Spatial Audio Rendering
10,017,248 issued for PS-2013-046: Flapping Wing Aerial Vehicles
10,017,545 issued for LS-2011-077 LS-2012-060 LS-2014-046: Compositions and Vaccines Comprising Vesicles and Methods of Using the Same
10,018,385 issued for PS-2013-087: Solid-State Heating or Cooling Systems, Devices, and Methods
10,019,006 issued for IS-2014-173: Surface Vehicle Trajectory Planning Systems, Devices, and Methods
10,024,785 issued for LS-2015-054: Solid Hemoglobin-Polymer Biophotonic Phantoms and Their Use
10,032,569 issued for PS-2009-094 PS-2014-081: Nanodevice Arrays for Electrical Energy Storage, Capture and Management and Method for their Formation
10,034,633 issued for PS-2014-024: Neuroparticle with a Spin-Torque Device
10,034,960 issued for LS-2013-056 LS-2013-057 LS-2013-143: Compositions and Methods for Making Biodegradable Structures
10,041,682 issued for PS-2013-101: High Efficiency Solid Fuel Burning Stove with Optimized Burning Conditions and Low Level of Emissions
10,071,145 issued for LS-2014-053: Local Engineering of the Lymph Node Environment to Promote Immune Tolerance
10,072,335 issued for PS-2014-039: Protective Coated Object and Method of Coating an Object
10,079,467 issued for PS-2016-097: Optomechanial Laser for Dynamic Measurement
10,080,794 issued for LS-2013-029: Swine Influenza Viruses and Constructs and Uses Thereof
10,084,102 issued for PS-2015-025: Plasmon-Enhanced Terahertz Graphene-Based Photodetector and Method of Fabrication
10,103,644 issued for PS-2013-051: Bridgeless Resonant AC-DC Converters and Systems and Control Systems Therefor
10,119,059 issued for PS-2010-076: Thermoelastic Cooling
10,122,409 issued for IS-2012-082: Systems and Methods for Time-Reversal Division Multiple Access Wireless Broadband Communications
10,130,625 issued for LS-2013-144 LS-2014-058 LS-2014-104: Linked Diaryl Compounds with Anticancer Properties and Methods of Using the Same
10,139,382 issued for PS-2016-181: Device Having an Array of Sensors on a Single Chip
10,148,291 issued for IS-2013-096: Practical Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability
10,168,309 issued for PS-2016-181: Method for Manufacturing an Array of Sensors on a Single Chip
10,176,431 issued for PS-2015-128: Low-Noise, Ultra-Low Temperature Dissipative Devices
10,179,145 issued for LS-2008-062: Advanced Functional Biocompatible Polymeric Matrix Used as a Hemostatic Agent and System for Damaged Tissues and Cells
10,180,035 issued for PS-2013-083: Soldered Components for Downhole Use
10,183,291 issued for PS-2015-049: Generation and Trapping of Aqueous Droplets in a Microfluidic Chip With an Air Continuous Phase
10,183,477 issued for PS-2014-103: Absorbant and Reflecting Biocompatibale Dyes for Highly Accurate Medical Implants
10,186,710 issued for PS-2015-156: Methods of Fabricating Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
10,188,724 issued for LS-2009-006: Efficient Mucosal Vaccination Mediated by the Neonatal Fc Receptor
10,206,035 issued for IS-2014-134: Simultaneous Solution for Sparsity and Filter Responses for a Microphone Network
10,227,320 issued for LS-2014-137: Compounds for Treating Parasitic Infections
10,232,472 issued for PS-2014-096 PS-2015-079: Transient Liquid Phase Sinter Pastes and Application and Processing Methods Relating Thereto
10,233,482 issued for LS-2014-154: Micro-Fluidic Mixer and Method of Determining Pathogen Iinactivation Via Antimicrobial Solutions
10,237,676 issued for IS-2014-026: Sparse Decomposition of Head Related Impulse Responses With Applications to Spatial Audio Rendering
10,239,302 issued for PS-2013-125: Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Graphene Oxide Membranes via Electrostatic Interaction and Eludication of Water and Solute Transport Mechanisms
10,254,291 issued for LS-2014-133: Quaternary Amine Containing Isobaric Tag for Quantitative Glycan Profiling
10,256,504 issued for PS-2015-023: Ionic Conductivity Of NASICON Through Aliovalent Cation Substitution
10,262,849 issued for PS-2015-184: Active Stabilization of Ion Trap Radiofrequency Potentials
10,264,661 issued for PS-2017-001: Target Structure for Enhanced Electron Screening
10,276,892 issued for PS-2012-100: High Conductivity Nasicon Electrolyte for Room Temperature Solid-State Sodium Ion Batteries
10,293,490 issued for PS-2015-094 PS-2015-176: All‐Elastomer 3‐Axis Contact Resistive Tactile Sensor Arrays and Micromilled Manufacturing Methods Thereof
10,300,313 issued for PS-2012-006: Heat and Fire Protective Items
10,301,191 issued for LS-2008-115 LS-2012-034: System and Method for Removing Suspended Solids, Affiliated and Dissolved Pollutants from Stormwater Runoff Using Adsorbent Media Mixture


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