New IP Policy effective January 10, 2018

New IP Policy effective Jan. 10, 2018

A simplified University of Maryland Intellectual Property (IP) Policy went into effect on Jan. 10, 2018. 

Key features of the new policy are summarized below:

  • The policy now includes all UMD personnel.
  • The new policy includes the term “Traditional Scholarly Works,” which states the creator owns the copyright whether the work is delivered on-line or in face-to-face-settings, except in certain situations.
  • On-line courses are treated the same as any other copyrighted materials.
  • Software is now included in the patent/invention section of the IP policy, as this section best reflects U.S. regulations of software.
  • The revenue sharing process has been simplified to increase benefit to the inventor(s).

For a full copy of the policy, see:

University of Maryland Intellectual Property Policy

For more information on revenue sharing under the current and former policies, see:

Revenue Distribution

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